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POD 2501 - Advanced Topics in Point of Dispensing (POD): Design, Management, and Evaluation

This course focuses of the design, management and evaluation of point of dispensing (POD) sites during major disasters. (Created: January 2012)

PREP 1104 - Basic Emergency Preparedness for Dental Professionals

This online course, designed for the practicing dental professional, uses industry best-practices and dental association recommendations to educate the dental practitioner about the preparation for and response to disasters and other public health emergencies. Topics include: Roles and responsibilities of the dental team, disaster preparedness and planning, emergency care of disaster patients, and more. (Created: 2006)

PSY 2902 / VUL 2806 - State of the Science: The Health and Mental Health Consequences of Catastrophic Events

Sandro Galea, MD, DrPH, discusses the public health consequences of the 9/11 attacks on post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and the interrelation between mental health and physical health. (Created: September 2011)
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