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Course CatalogENV 1708 - Japan's Public Health Response: A First-Hand Account

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Estimated Length: 1 hour and 15 minutes


Dr. Robert Bristow, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Columbia University Medical Center, discusses the emergency medical response in Japan immediately following the 2011 tsunami and earthquake. He describes his experiences in documenting Japan's health care gaps and resources. He asserts that the Japanese citizenry had a strong sense of community preparedness, which US policy makers should take note of for future planning, particularly for similar disasters on the U.S. West coast. Lastly, he discusses the benefits of hospital based emergency response teams.

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Capabilities: Community Preparedness, Responder Safety and Health

Competencies: 1.4 Maintain situational awareness., 1.6 Act within the scope of one's legal authority., 4.2 Employ protective behaviors according to changing conditions, personal limitations, and threats., 2.1 Manage information related to an emergency.


  1. Japan's Public Health Response: A First-Hand Account
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