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(MGMT 1201) Elements of Leadership: Decision-Making & Problem-Solving Under Emergency Conditions(MGMT 1201) Elements of Leadership: Decision-Making & Problem-Solving Under Emergency Conditions

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Estimated Length: 2 hour(s)


This course is designed to help public health staff improve their decision-making skills so that they are ready to make decisions in the event of a crisis.The course covers the naturalistic and recognition primed decision making models, and then focuses on the ways in which leaders observe, orient, decide, and act during crisis situations. The course can be completed in approximately 2 hours and has a pre test, an interactive video based lecture hosted by Dr. David Abramson, a post test, and a certificate of completion.

*Upon successful completion of all the course content, you can obtain your certificate by clicking on the "My Account" link available at the top of this page.*


Course Objective:

The purpose of this course is:

  • To enhance critical decision-making skills in a public health emergency

Key Messages:

  • Critical decision-making applies to both routine and emergency situations
  • Critical decision-making can be taught, analyzed, and practiced
  • One useful approach to understanding critical decision-making is the "naturalistic" method, in which the decision maker creates an internal story to guide his or her decision making


  • Incident Management
  • Emergency Operations Coordination


  • 1.1: Solve problems under emergency conditions.
  • 1.4: Maintain situational awareness.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe four leadership types related to decision-making
  • Identify the two primary approaches to decision-making models
  • Develop decision-making skills through the application of 'OODA Loops'


  1. Pre-Test
  2. Course Material - Elements of Leadership: Decision-Making & Problem-Solving Under Emergency Conditions
  3. Post-Test
  4. Satisfaction Survey


  1. Elements of Leadership: Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Under Emergency Conditions
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