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Suffolk County Department of Health Point-of-Dispensing (POD) Training  (POD 3502)Suffolk County Department of Health Point-of-Dispensing (POD) Training (POD 3502)

This training covers basic layout and setup of a POD.


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Online Lesson1. Introduction (REQUIRED) -
Online Lesson2. POD Training Overview (REQUIRED) -
Online Lesson3. POD Overview (REQUIRED) -
Online Lesson4. POD Layout and Activation (REQUIRED) -
Online Lesson5. POD Staffing & Management (REQUIRED) -
Online Lesson6. POD Operations – Part 1: Overview + Simulation POD (REQUIRED) -
Online Lesson7. POD Operations – Part 2: From Setup to Packing Up (REQUIRED) -
Online Lesson8. POD Operations – Part 3: POD Leadership (REQUIRED) -
Online Lesson9. Scenario: Influenza (REQUIRED) -
Online Lesson10. Scenario: Anthrax (REQUIRED) -
Online Lesson11. Scenario: Smallpox (OPTIONAL) -
Online Lesson12. Scenario: Plague (OPTIONAL) -
Online Lesson13. Special Circumstances: Drive-Through POD (OPTIONAL) -
Online Lesson14. Special Circumstances: POD During a Radiological Event (OPTIONAL) -
Online Lesson15. POD in a Box (REQUIRED) -
Online Lesson16. POD Jeopardy (Final Exam Practice) (OPTIONAL) -
Online Lesson17. POD Final Exam (REQUIRED) -


1.Describe the basic function of a POD

2.Identify key components of a POD and their role

3.Understand Incident Command Structure

4.Learn roles and responsibilities of POD team members

5.Demonstrate the ability to set-up and staff a POD

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