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Disaster Response in Japan: What You Need to Know If You Might Go

This 12 minute training is conducted by Richard Garfield, RN DrPH. The earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster which occurred in Japan demonstrate the need for special skills among international relief workers assisting in the recovery. Organizations need to consider how they will work with public and private institutions, and what they'll need to know and bring. Lessons learned from this training can also be applied to other international relief efforts. (Created: March 2011)

Japan's Public Health Response: A First-Hand Account

Dr. Robert Bristow,Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Columbia University Medical Center, discusses the emergency medical response in Japan immediately following the 2011 tsunami and earthquake. He asserts that the Japanese citizenry had a strong sense of community preparedness, which US policy makers should take note of for future planning, particularly for similar disasters on the U.S. West coast. (Created: April 2011)

Aid in Japan: A First-Hand Account

Dr. Kate Uraneck, Senior Medical Coordinator at the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response in the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, discusses her experience in aiding Japan's recovery effort following the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. She describes the enormous loss of health infrastructure as well as how evacuations, crisis communication, and sheltering were conducted. She concludes with lessons learned for the U.S. public health sector. (Created May 2011)

Potential Health Effects from Radioactive Emissions

Dr. David Brenner, Director of the Center for Radiological Research at the Columbia University Medical Center, provides a 30 minute primer on radiation exposure, addressing the scientific facts and common misconceptions. He describes how a nuclear reactor works and how the Dai-ichi plant in Japan began to leak radiation after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. He also outlines risk communication strategies that the U.S. public health sector should take note of.(Created: March 2011)
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